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Mark your calendar: Same Day ACH dollar limit will increase on March 18

Effective March 18, the Same Day ACH dollar limit will increase to $1 million per payment. This rule will apply to all Same Day ACH entries, including consumer and business payments, credits and debits.

This change is one of several upcoming rule changes expected from Nacha in 2022. We encourage you to obtain a copy of the 2022 Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines: The Guide to the Rules Governing the ACH Network from your payments association (Off-site), which includes information regarding this year’s rule changes and their operational impact. The 2022 Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines also provides important information to ensure compliance with current required Nacha regulations. These rules apply to all ACH participants and include a national system of fines – the rules enforcement mechanism for the ACH Network.

Additional information can be found on Nacha's site (Off-site) and within our Same Day ACH Resource Center