Over the last seven years, we have continuously made enhancements to the FedTransaction Analyzer® tool based on your feedback and input. The evolution continues.

Experience the new user interface and expanded data availability

Now when you log in to the FedTransaction Analyzer tool, you will experience a new streamlined look and feel. The updated user interface provides search parameter options in an easy-to-use, organized design. In addition, you now have access to over seven years of historical data. You can search your account and subaccounts for Fedwire® Funds Service activity over the past seven years’ reporting period segments. Your institution can set these Reporting Period segments with limitations ranging from 18 months to five days based on volume and number of settlement relationships.

With the improved look and functionality, we have removed the infrequently used input messaging accountability data (IMAD) search feature. Robust Microsoft® Excel® search features help ensure you can continue to find the key information you need and want.

As you explore the new user interface and updates, you’ll find the FedTransaction Analyzer User Guide Version 3.3 useful with screen-by-screen updates to help you navigate the new design. You can access the new user guide both within the tool and in the FedLine® Learning Center, which is accessible within FedLine Home.

Explore the new reports launched in August 2017

Last August, we introduced you to a set of new FedTransaction Analyzer tool reports. If you haven’t already, explore these reports, which will automatically populate onto tabs of Excel-formatted data downloads. Many of the reports allow you to use filter options to refine your research and to double-click into cells to view underlying details. Graphics and color-coding help the data tell a story.

Reports available include:

  • Time of Day Activity Dashboard
  • Bene ID Research
  • Origin ID Research
  • Activity by ISO Country Code

Take full advantage

We strive to continually enhance the FedTransaction Analyzer tool to provide you with greater value and deeper research capabilities. We hope you will explore the existing Management Dashboard reports and newer report options. We encourage you to expand Information Central Subscriber access to other analysts within your institution. To learn more, reference the Quick Start Guide and detailed FedTransaction Analyzer User Guide housed in the tool and in the FedLine Learning Center.


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