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Brush up on your organization’s business continuity plan – and how the Fed can help

Do you know what to do when a service issue occurs? Service disruptions and issues can derail operations, but an up-to-date business continuity plan is the best way to prepare for moments like these. You can do a few things today to better prepare your institution for a service disruption.

Four things your institution can do to help ensure business continuity

  1. Staff Training
    • Prepare staff by conducting regularly scheduled trainings and test critical business functions while you have normal connectivity.
  2. Print Documents
    • Print business continuity guides and critical conact information lists jsut in case you do not have acces your network othere is a power outage.
  3. Check Service Status
    • Check the Service Status page on daily to stay abreast of the operations status of Federal Reserve Bank Services.
  4. Bookmark Resources
    • View our Business Continuity Resource Center for the most up-to-date information to help your organization prepare for a potential service disruption.

Conduct regular staff training

Regularly schedule staff training sessions on issues that can affect continuity of your institution’s critical business functions – such as power and network connectivity – and have printed resources readily available (e.g., critical contact information). These quick exercises can make a big difference in your institution’s preparedness. Conducting regularly scheduled training can help staff become more confident in their ability to execute business contingency plans and develop strategies to work around service issues.

Visit the Federal Reserve Bank Service Status page

We have multiple resources so you know exactly what to do in case there is a Federal Reserve service disruption. For example, visit the Service Status page to stay informed 24/7 on the operational status of services provided by the Federal Reserve Banks.

Bookmark important resources

Another page to bookmark is our Business Continuity Resource Center. This resource center is a one-stop shop for tips and best practices to keep your institution running smoothly before, during and after a Federal Reserve service disruption. The resource center also features tutorial videos for using Service Status information and quick links to business continuity guides for our service areas.

We have what you need to assist you with business continuity planning. Start now to make sure you are well prepared.