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Fed Spotlight: Reinforcing the value of the FedLine Direct® Solution: A router failover success story

In 2020, the Federal Reserve Banks completed a multiyear effort to modernize the FedLine Direct Solution. As part of that effort, we worked with over 200 organizations to upgrade their existing routers to a more contemporary model. Additionally, all impacted customer sites moved to a standard two-router, two-circuit configuration. The circuits are supported by two vendors, which provides customers with an added layer of resiliency. Today, dual routers and vendor options are standard components of the FedLine Direct package.

The modernization effort paid off in September 2021 when an internet service provider in Silicon Valley experienced a fiber cut. This incident impacted several organizations in the area that process their payments through the FedLine Direct Solution. However, because of the solution’s built-in vendor options, most organizations experienced no disruption and were able to continue processing payments and transactions like normal.

While the FedLine Direct Solution does not eliminate the possibility of a potential disruption, the combination of modernized security and vendor/network diversity options can help to minimize business impacts.

Action Item:

The FedLine Direct Solution is a good fit for organizations that have a large wire volume or utilize the import/export feature, but it can also be valuable for lower-volume organizations seeking straight-through automation for their ACH or wire processing. Learn more about the solution and its contingency options by contacting your account executive.