My Quick Links

What is My Quick Links?

The My Quick Links feature allows you to customize the lefthand navigation so you have easy access to your favorite pages no matter where you are in the site. My Quick Links is pre-set with six of our most popular site destinations. To customize the menu with your frequently visited pages, select the "Add this page to My Quick Links" button in the upper right corner of any page you'd like to add. The page you have selected will replace one of the pre-set links. The menu allows for six custom links. If you attempt to add a seventh, you will be asked to determine which of your existing six links you would like to replace. Your My Quick Links are stored on a cookie in your browser, so will only display in the browser that you used when customizing the links.

Do I need anything special to use My Quick Links?

To use the My Quick Links feature, your browser must be set to accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled. Consult with your technical support for assistance in modifying the settings that manage cookies and JavaScript.

Why did my custom My Quick Links disappear?

The My Quick Links feature uses cookies to store your selected links. If you do not allow non-session cookies (cookies that do not expire when you exit your browser) or if you recently deleted or emptied your cookies folder, then the information stored for My Quick Links is no longer available and you will see the default My Quick Links. Consult with your technical support for assistance in modifying the settings that manage cookies.

You may also notice that the My Quick Links menu does not appear at all when you visit a few select pages on the site. These pages are hosted in a location where your My Quick Links cookie isn't recognized, so we've removed the My Quick Links on these pages to prevent confusion.

If you experience other difficulties or have questions about My Quick Links, please e-mail our Webmaster.