Term Deposit Facility Forms

Use the links below to access the forms and agreement you will need to set up a term deposit with the Federal Reserve Banks.

Term Deposit Facility Setup provides more details and guidance on the steps required to establish a term deposit with the Federal Reserve Banks. Please note that the typical time from submission of the necessary forms, requests and agreements to being ready to participate is between 7 and 10 business days.

If you need assistance, contact your District’s Term Deposit Facility District Contact or the Federal Reserve’s Customer Contact Center (CCC).

Reserves Central - Term Deposit Facility Forms and Requests
Term Deposit Agreement
Appendix A of the Term Deposit Agreement must be completed to establish a term deposit with the Federal Reserve Banks.
Form (PDF)
Subscriber Request
An EUAC with access to the EUAC Center via FedLine Home must submit a Subscriber request for each individual who will need access to the Term Deposit Facility application. In addition, each individual needing access to Reserves Central – Term Deposit Facility must also have Reserves Central – Reserve Account Administration.
Submit via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home
Federal Reserve Bank End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) Designation and Authorization Form for FedLine® Web-based Services and Other Business Applications
This form gives the EUAC authority to designate authorized individuals (Subscribers) who should be issued credentials to enable them to transact business using the FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® access solutions. When the completed EUAC Form is processed, a credential will be issued to the EUAC. The EUAC will use the FedLine credential to access the EUAC Center, which enables the EUAC to submit FedLine Subscriber requests, reset FedLine Subscriber passwords and access Subscriber reports and FedLine documentation.

NOTE: A separate form must be submitted for each individual that will be designated as an EUAC. An individual listed as an “Alternate EUAC” must also be separately designated as an EUAC. This form must be signed by an individual listed on your organization's Official Authorization List (OAL).
Form (PDF)
Transaction and Service Fee Settlement Authorization Form
This form must be completed if the institution wishes to settle its Term Deposit Facility activity through a correspondent.
Form (PDF)
Third Party Access Consent Form for Term Deposit Facility Information
This form should be completed to grant another organization access to your organization's information in the Term Deposit Facility (TDF).  Please submit completed Third Party Access Consent Forms to your organization's Administrative Reserve Bank. For a listing, visit the Reserves Central District Contacts page. For more information on setting up access to the Term Deposit Facility, visit the Term Deposit Facility Setup page.
Form (PDF)

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