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FedNowSM Community Working Groups

Community members have opportunities to engage with the Federal Reserve FedNow team depending on their interests, expertise and available time. One of the avenues for participation is working groups, which are short-term teams convened to focus on specific FedNow development tasks or challenges. You can find the latest information and news about working groups below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you join a working group?

    Community members will receive working group announcements and expression of interest requests outlining specific participation criteria. The Fed reserves the right to be selective in working group membership to ensure there is the right mix of expertise at the table.

  2. Are there any specific protocols for working groups?

    Operating guidelines for a given working group will be disclosed to you during the early stages of that group’s formation.

  3. Are participation opportunities for Community members voluntary or nominated by the Federal Reserve?

    All Community activities, working groups and engagement opportunities are voluntary. Many of the opportunities, such as invitations for surveys, events and calls for expression of interest for our working groups will be shared with all Community members via our communications. Certain topics or engagement opportunities may require specific expertise and perspectives. In these cases, we may actively select or recruit those who fit the criteria.

  4. What is the level of time commitment necessary to join a working group?

    Working groups will vary in duration and time commitment depending on topic and objectives. We will do our best to set expectations appropriately upfront.

Recent Updates

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