Service Provider Showcase — Participation Information

The Service Provider Showcase, an online repository within FedNowSM Explorer (Off-site), will provide members of the Ecosystem Accelerator Group the unique opportunity to present their instant payment solutions and capabilities to financial institutions and end users who are actively looking to adopt the FedNow Service. The information below will answer questions you may have and help you craft your submission.

We are pleased that you are interested in sharing your solutions to support the FedNow Service! If you have any questions, please contact us at

How to Participate in the Service Provider Showcase

Starting December 2, to participate in the Service Provider Showcase you must:

  • Complete an online questionnaire
  • Submit your company’s logo
  • Optionally, submit a video highlighting your instant payment solutions

Both the questionnaire and video (if you choose to submit one) must meet the criteria below to be considered for the showcase. The instructions below provide step-by-step directions for uploading your submission materials. Note that you’ll need to set up a free account with to send in your video and logo.

Prepare for your submission and view the questions that will be included in the online questionnaire, available on December 2.

Criteria for Participation

To participate in the Service Provider Showcase, your organization must:

  1. Be a member of the FedNow Community. If you are not currently a member, you will be asked to join by completing the FedNow Community Participant Profile, which will allow your submission to be included in the showcase. As a payments service provider, you will also be automatically enrolled in the Ecosystem Accelerator Group.
  2. Be a service provider such as AP/AR/ERP and treasury management systems platform & service providers, B2B platform/network providers, bill pay & presentment service providers, core banking platforms, correspondents/bankers banks/corporate credit unions, digital wallet providers, government service providers, mobile app platform providers, P2P application service providers, payments hubs/platforms/gateways, payments network operators, payroll processors, and/or risk management and fraud services.
  3. Complete and submit the questionnaire. There is a maximum word count of 300 words for each response.
  4. Submit a company logo for use in identifying/promoting your organization in the showcase. Include the highest quality EPS/AI or vector file you have available. Please note that logos should have a transparent background and any fonts need to be specified. By submitting your documentation, logo, and video (if applicable), you authorized the Federal Reserve Banks to publish all intellectual property (trademarks, etc.) contained in such materials.

Enhanced Submission: Video

Though not a requirement to participate in the showcase, we encourage you to submit a video that describes the services and products you can offer financial institutions or end users to support innovative instant payments services and implementation of the FedNow Service. Ideally, your video will:

  • Highlight key differentiators that set you apart from other service providers and market enablers (e.g., supporting niche market spaces, enabling unique processes or specific capabilities).
  • Explain your organization’s relevant experience, products and services in the instant payments space (e.g., global payment experience, payment hub design, payment involvement/enhancements). Note, any form of audible narration or voice-over is acceptable for the video.

Video production requirements:

  • Format: mp4
  • Length: 5 minutes maximum
  • Size: Your video and logo together should be no larger than 250MB

Your video must relate directly to how your organization will enable the FedNow Service and cannot promote any other brands or organizations besides your own. Proprietary or confidential information should not be shared within the video. All submissions and content are at the discretion of the submitter. We will not evaluate the submissions other than to confirm compliance with the showcase’s criteria and rules for participation.

Please ensure you read and follow the rules for participation (PDF).

Service Provider Showcase Timeline

  • November 18: Details, questionnaire and guidelines will be released on so that you can begin developing your submission.
  • December 2: At the FedNow Community Town Hall, we will highlight the details of the showcase and answer participant questions (a recording will be available). The online submission form will also become available on this date, so you can begin completing the form and submitting your video.
  • January 12: Submission deadline for the initial launch of the Service Provider Showcase site. These submissions will be published when the showcase site goes live and will benefit from the Federal Reserve’s broad communications and promotional efforts for this milestone.
  • Q1 2022: Showcase site goes live! The Federal Reserve will promote the launch of the Service Provider Showcase and the initial submissions with a press release, social media posts and other key communications.
  • Ongoing: New submissions will be added to the showcase on a monthly basis and highlighted within the FedNow Community and FedNow News.

Act Now for Inclusion in the Showcase Launch! (Materials due January 12, 2022)

If your submission is accepted for the initial showcase launch, your organization will be included in our showcase launch announcement, which will include a press release, social media posts and email campaigns that reach thousands of financial institutions and other payment ecosystem stakeholders. In addition, we will provide participants with a communications toolkit (e.g., email and press release templates, social media posts) to promote your organization’s showcase page via your promotional channels.

Submission Process

  1. Create or use an existing account with
  2. Upload your logo and optional video files to Visit the support site for instructions on how to upload to box with the file browser (Off-site).
  3. Create shared links for each file. Visit the support site for instructions on how to create shared links (Off-site).
  4. Complete the questionnaire, which will ask for details about your instant payment solutions and request links to your logo and video (if you choose to submit one). You will receive an automated confirmation email once your form was received and will be notified within two weeks on whether your submission is accepted.
    1. If you have the logo/video files available in your account while you’re completing the questionnaire, please copy and paste the links into the form – then your submission is complete.
    2. If you need additional time to send in your logo and/or video, you can leave those parts of the questionnaire blank. The automated confirmation email you receive will contain instructions on how to access your form, add the links, and resubmit your form.
      1. Note that we must receive your logo by January 12 for your submission to be showcased at launch. You are welcome to submit your video at any point, as submissions can be updated (as needed) on a rolling basis.
    3. If you send in only a questionnaire and don’t intend to submit a video, you will still receive an automated confirmation email with instructions on submitting additional files, in case you wish to in the future.
  5. The questionnaire (and video) will be reviewed for adherence to the rules for participation (PDF).
  6. You will be notified if your submission meets the showcase rules or if changes are requested.

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