Ecosystem Accelerator Group

As a catalyst for innovation, the Ecosystem Accelerator Group provides highly motivated and engaged payment processors, core banking system providers, mobile and online banking platform providers, payment hubs and gateways, bill pay/presentment service providers, and others within the FedNowSM Community the opportunity to:

  • Influence FedNow Service design and release priorities.
  • Participate in programs designed for the needs and interests of solution developers and providers.
  • Ask technical questions and obtain answers relevant to this ecosystem group.
  • Network with the broader FedNow Community and potential partners among financial institutions, other service providers and business clients.

The Ecosystem Accelerator Group is an interest group within the FedNow Community that is open to all payment service providers. Whether you are new to the Community or an existing member, all payment service providers will be included automatically. You do not need to sign up separately for the group. The Ecosystem Accelerator Group supports and encourages the continued development of the instant payments ecosystem. Participants have access to self-service instant payments education and the latest FedNow Service product developments and updates.

Service Provider Showcase

The new FedNow Service Provider Showcase (Off-site) on FedNow Explorer provides members of the Ecosystem Accelerator Group with the unique opportunity to present their instant payment solutions and capabilities to financial institutions and businesses that are actively looking to adopt the FedNow Service. At the same time, the showcase enables financial institutions and businesses to survey the emerging landscape of instant payment capabilities and connect with service providers.

The showcase will feature both video and narrative profiles of participating service providers.

New submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Those that are interested in participating can find submission criteria on (Off-site)

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