FedDetect Anomaly Notification for FedACH® Services

Designed to help your institution identify anomalous activity and supplement your fraud detection and alerting tools, the FedDetect service, a new addition to our FedACH Risk® Management Services, allows subscribed users to receive notifications via secure email when anomalous FedACH activity is detected.


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Discover the benefits

  • Identify atypical activity for the current day using baselines established for your financial institution’s historical activity or by comparing your ACH transactions to industry rules
  • Receive timely notifications when anomalies are detected, allowing you to address concerns
  • Adhere to Nacha rules around notifications of change and help avoid future rule violations, contributing to overall efficiencies within the ACH network
  • Avoid overdraft situations by monitoring same-day activity at the final same-day deadline

Use cases

  • Notifications of change (NOC)
    • Improve your operations by monitoring when your institution receives the same NOC more than once, outside of prescribed Nacha-designated change timeframes, indicating that an originator has failed to make updates.
  • Same-day debit large dollar variance
    • Gain insight on your Fed account when unusual high-dollar debit batches will settle on the current processing day in the final same-day window and potentially require settlement account funding.
  • Micro-entry forward and Micro-entry return monitoring
    • Monitor velocity of forward/return micro-entries for originators that use small-dollar entries for account verification purposes and potentially mitigate your institution’s fraud risk.

Easy sign-up

  • Review Operating Circular 4, Automated Clearing House, Appendix I: FedDetect Anomaly Notification
  • There is no additional cost for FedACH participants. To enable notifications, existing FedACH Subscribers should:
    • Log into their FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® Solution
    • Click on the FedDetect Anomaly Notification link under the “Risk Services” heading
    • Add contacts and start receiving secure email notifications
  • Customers without FedACH Information Services access or that wish to sign up multiple RTNs may complete and submit Part 6H of the FedACH Participation Agreement (PDF) to the Support Center to enable these RTNs.


Contact the Support Center or submit a contact request and your relationship manager will reach out to you.

Video transcript

Payments and technology landscapes are constantly evolving. Unfortunately, the threat landscape also continues to evolve as payment volume grows. Introducing FedDetect Anomaly Notification for FedACH Services.

This service monitors FedACH activity and sends notifications when anomalous activity is detected.

Plus, this service is available at no additional cost to FedACH Participants.

How Anomaly Notification Works

  • Detects atypical activity
  • Sends notifications
  • Helps you quickly address issues

Learn more about the new services on the FedDetect Anomaly Notification page on FRBservices.org®.

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