FedGlobal® Canada Services

The FedGlobal Canada Service enables U.S. financial institutions to send ACH credits and debits to Canada with the option of having the payment received in Canadian or U.S. dollars, depending on U.S. customer preference. This service is a cost-effective channel for cross-border payments to U.S. companies and individuals sending payments north of the border, such as credits for payroll, pension, annuity or utility payments or debits from consumers or companies in Canada for bills owed in the United States.

Discover the benefits of the FedGlobal Canada Service

  • Accelerated clearing time and reduced costs for cross-border debit and credit payments
  • Early morning delivery of payroll and pension payments via The Morning Post
  • Convenient access to bank accounts in Canada
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates with delivery in Canadian dollars, no deductions from the payment amount
  • Certainty of clearing and settlement times
  • Access customer service easily from knowledgeable support groups

The Morning Post Delivery

The "Morning Post" takes advantage of a distribution procedure used among Canadian financial institutions for payroll and pension payments. By supplying certain formatting criteria, U.S. financial institutions can provide funds availability-in either Canadian or U.S. dollars-by the opening of business on requested due dates, similar to how salary and pension payments are generally treated by U.S. ACH participants.

Evaluate this option for your institution

See how the FedGlobal Canada Service can help your organization. Request a customized value calculator from your relationship manager to evaluate this option for your institution.

To start using the FedGlobal Canada Service, visit the Service Setup page or contact your relationship manager.

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