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You spoke, we listened: Federal Reserve Financial Services forms get a makeover

If you fill out a Federal Reserve Financial Services form on in the near future, you might notice a few changes to its look and feel. Based on feedback from customers, we are streamlining our forms to give them a more consistent layout for easier completion. We know filling out forms can sometimes be a daunting task, so it is our goal to make the process as easy as we can.
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Fed Facts: Keep current with the Fed's wide assortment of publications

Federal Reserve customers know that FedFocus and FedFlash® are the places to go for hot industry topics and Federal Reserve Financial Services news. But did you know that there are many more Federal Reserve publications to help keep you up to date? The Board of Governors and the 12 Reserve Banks each produces its own collection of publications. Check out this month’s edition of Fed Facts to see what your district offers!
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
It's time to hit the books and focus on your FEDucation

While summer doesn’t end officially for another three weeks, as we shift into September there is certain nostalgia in the air for warm temperatures and late sunsets. It may have been a while since you stepped into a classroom, but everyone can remember the air of anticipation on the first day of school. What if you could take that feeling and apply it to bettering your institution? You can, in a sense, by focusing on your FEDucation!
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