Fedwire Funds Extended Remittance Information

In November 2011, the Federal Reserve Banks implemented a message format to support extended-character business remittance information, an improved cover payments solution and better alignment with SWIFT message formats. It also includes a new field tag to support payment notification.

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Format Specifications and Implementation Guidance

The Depository Institution Test (DIT) environment can help ensure you are prepared to send and receive a Customer Transfer Plus (CTP) message.


  • The Federal Reserve Banks hosted and recorded online information sessions in early 2011 to help you prepare for the technical aspects of the November 2011 Fedwire message format changes. Information about how to obtain the recording of a session was emailed to Fedwire Funds Service EUACs and Subscribers. Contact the Wholesale Operations Site if you have any questions.
  • Information is also available to help you learn how the Fedwire Funds message format maps to the following industry message formats: CHIPS message format, SWIFT MT format and ISO 20022 (the Universal Financial Industry (UNIFI) Message Scheme).

Background Information

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